Onsavii - Our Purpouse

For small businesses, Onsavii is the leading online sales and marketing consultancy that provides rapid growth by using technology coupled with real people.

Unlike most marketing, technology and outsourcing companies, Onsavii provides strategic thinking and executional responsibility.

Onsavii is an integrated business creator. We specialise in integrating business to the internet and linking companies with their markets and channels. We do this by providing a wide range of off line and online products and services but more importantly real knowledge and experience.

The last ten years have seen more expansion into new technologies than ever before and the team at Onsavii have been a passionate contributor and active participants.

We have built hundreds of website, runs thousands of email marketing campaigns, managed advertising campaigns with millions of keywords and created and run successful online businesses for ourselves. We have created and run call centres, integrated back-end database to online catalogues, built online logistic systems, created multi-currency payment gateways and managed supply systems with thousands of orders per day. We continue to learn, test, try, play make mistakes and create completely new things. We understand typical business challenges, we have dealt with allot of them in our own businesses on a day to day basis.

Onsavii will…

  • Develop your Online Presence
  • Maximise your Website Traffic
  • Maintain your Membership Database
  • Manage your E-Commerce and
  • Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Handle Calls from your Customers at our fully Integrated Contact Centres
  • Process Online and Phone Transactions
  • Survey your Clientele and Collate the Responses

It’s our flexibility, expertise and understanding that makes it possible for Onsavii to deliver the best customer experience. We understand the global marketplace and we understand economic realities. We know what strategies work. We know how to reach your customers. And we have the real world experience that will help us create an integrated solution that will work for you.
Onsavii provides a fully integrated service to create a fully integrated business solution.

Strategy & Execution


Operational Support


Business Administration

Marketing Development

Technology Systems