Thomas is a hard-working, intelligent person who brings great vision and excellent project management to achieving measurable results. He has worked in building multiple businesses up from the planning stage, to international 7 figure turnover companies leading their market segment. I not only endorse his work and plan to work with him in the future but value his ongoing friendship. Thomas Hegarty is not just a great colleague but an honest and open person who’s ethics are an example that more business people should emulate.

Kevin Baum

From the day I was introduced via a mutual business associate I have been impressed by Tom’s drive and vision and admire the success he has achieved. It was a pleasure doing business with Tom as he is so grounded, keen to know more and approachable. No doubt there will be more to come.

Steve Mitchinson

We began our e-commerce site about 6 months ago. We, like many were very naive when it comes to understanding what it takes to be successful online. Together with this because we had limited resources it was not only very difficult to cover the many aspects that are required, it was also very expensive. Onsavii have provided this expertise with all the many different required areas for successful e-commerce. This was all provided as their e-commerce business scope gave great options for our start up business. We continue to use Onsavii for our business development and are very happy that a productive and professional service makes our progression so much better. These services from Onsavii are great value to us at very reasonable rates.

Chris Cooper