I. Client Expectations

Business Process Outsourcing
Onsavii is a full‐service global virtual staffing agency, which works on your behalf to personally source, recruit, screen, test, evaluate, and hire the top Virtual Employee talent worldwide. With a small initial investment, you will have access to our network of Virtual Employees. Onsavii was created to revolutionize the outsourcing industry by providing the highest quality of Virtual Employee talent at the lowest hourly rate.
Our Role
Our Virtual Employees
Service Tasks

Onsavii specializes in back office administrative support. We provide our clients with Virtual Employees to assist them with general back office administrative tasks that are tedious, repetitive, and time‐consuming. Your Virtual Employee will be able to complete any administrative tasks that are performed online with the use of a computer. The only tasks that your Virtual Employee will not be able to complete are tasks that require your employee’s physical presence.

Note: We do not provide telemarketing / cold calling services

Just as you would train a regular onsite employee, the training for the administrative tasks to be completed by your Virtual Employee will be provided by your company through online communication platforms.
Long-term Staffing Solution For Long-term Savings
Our business model is to provide long term solutions for both our clients and our Virtual Employees. Our network of Virtual Employees all seek long-term and stable career opportunities which will result in years of loyalty and commitment to your company.
Virtual Employee Management
After Onsavii has successfully recruited the Virtual Employee for the client, the Virtual Employee will work directly for the client and their company. After the introduction, the client will be fully responsible for their Virtual Employee’s management and performance.
Upon hiring your Virtual Employee, you will be paying the monthly salary of your Virtual Employee directly through Credit Card, Paypal or bank wire. Your Virtual Employee’s salary shall be paid bi-monthly and payment shall be due every 1st and 15th of the month.
Risk Free
  • 30 Dat Replacement Guarantee
  • No Long Term Contracts (Month to Month)
Contingency Fee

There are no upfront costs to begin the recruitment process. The one-time recruitment fee will be charged after the successful recruitment of the Virtual Employee that is ultimately selected by your company.

How It Works

I. Client Consultation
Together, we will discuss and identify your virtual staffing requirement to determine the service package that best suits your business needs. We will discuss specified skillset requirements, qualifications, duties, responsibilities, estimated recruitment timelines, and the estimated start date.

II. Application Stage
In order to begin the recruitment process, clients will complete our application form outlining the following: company information, Virtual Employee skillset requirements and qualifications, duties and responsibilities of the Virtual Employee, estimated recruitment timelines, and the estimated start date.

III. Recruitment and Screening
Once the application form is complete, it will be forwarded to our onsite HR Department in the Philippines who will contact you to verify and confirm your virtual staffing needs. Our HR Recruitment Team in the Philippines will then begin our rigorous 6 Phase Screening Process, which includes the following:

Phase 1: English Assessment, Personality Screening, and Candidate Evaluation
Phase 2: Skill-testing and Evaluation
Phase 3: Administrative and Research Project and Presentation
Phase 4: Infrastructure Evaluation
Phase 5: Due Diligence Process
Phase 6: Candidate Endorsement

IV. Candidate Endorsement and Selection
During the final phase of the screening process, only the top 3% of applicants will be considered. The top two candidates will be endorsed to our clients for their final approval and decision. A candidate presentation that outlines the candidate’s experience, qualifications, previous employers, and education will be presented for our client’s review and selection. A candidate video will also be sent to our clients to assist them in evaluating the candidate’s verbal English communication skillset.

V. Invoice and Contract Signing
Once the clients have made their final decision on the candidate they want to proceed with, Onsavii will prepare the Client Service Management and the Recruitment Fee Invoice for signing and payment.

VI. Candidate Introduction
After the contracts have been signed and the recruitment fee payment has been received, Onsavii will provide the client with the Virtual Employee Contract Information Package, which includes the Virtual Employee’s telephone number, Skype ID, email address, etc. Onsavii will also facilitate a formal online video introduction via Skype / GoToMeeting.

VII. Client Orientation
Onsavii will provide our clients with a Virtual Employee Guide, which outlines best practices, communication tool platforms, payroll, processes, and procedures to help them fully utilize and gain the benefits of an online remote Virtual Employess.