Email marketing is a powerful tool that small businesses can and should master. It also happens to intimidate many small business owners.

They often fear it will bite them in the end—whether in the form of a mistake in a broadcast, as a massive drag on their time, or some other horrible, imagined outcome.

We’ve heard it said a thousand times, many small business owners say, “Email marketing is dead; I don’t need to do email.”

The truth is, email remains one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolbox. But like any power tool, it must be used correctly, or it can present big problems. In the back of their heads, many small business owners know that if they let down their guard, bad email practice can jeopardize their business, so, they justify their fear by saying that it doesn’t work.

In a way, email marketing really is a lot like a table saw. Table saws are a must-have for carpenters. But when they see that blade spinning, they know that it could take a finger if used incorrectly. It takes a degree of bravery to step up and learn how to master it. But the challenge doesn’t end with mastery: Good carpenters never let down their guard when using the tool.

The only way to be successful is to respect the tool.

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