Getting Half yearly or yearly website audits is now history ever given that you have started to look into numerous factors for getting your website ranked on the very first page. Knowing that Google gets more firm concerning penalties from link spam to content to code ratio. If your site is not as per google specifications you might experience a dead drop in your keywords ranking and eventually traffic. To make sure that whatever is ideal on the site and is according to Google requirements one need to bring out an SEO audit.

Lets initially understand what is SEO Audit, its type? And how frequently you must be auditing your website to ensure your site do not lose your area on SERPs.

What is SEO Audit?

SEO Audit is the analysis of a site based upon the factors that helps the site to be noticeable on the search engines. It offers all the information about the website right from content optimization to minute information of canonical tags. The objective of every SEO audit is to find the reasons that affects the performance of the website along with identifying high top priority to low priority fixes to enhance the website for online search engine.

With good SEO method, the site ends up being visible on search engines which ultimately helps you create traffic to the site. The high traffic results in greater conversion of leads and ultimately sales. Undoubtedly, in today’s period online traffic in among the essential elements of your service development.

No SEO online marketer can predict exactly what’s next when it comes to google algorithms. Change readies when it has to do with growing, so no complains when you see something brought by google in their brand-new ranking factors. Ultimately its great for the people who utilizes the dominant online search engine for all their requirements.

As business owners or marketers, you got to be ready or at least be upgraded with what’s occurring in the SEO world. And that’s why SEO audit of your site is crucial to be a part of your to do list weekly, 15 days or a month relying on what does it cost? your organisation relies on Google.

And If I had to inform you that you might require a quarterly audit to inspect these 200 rankings factors outlined by Brian Dean.

These SEO ranking factors are simple to understand for individuals that are practicing SEO for the last 2-3 years. You might require a few resources depending upon your what repairs you require in your site. Concerns that related to indexation, redirection.htaccess file so you may need a web designer.

Now, let’s, study a little about the advantages of SEO audit.

The benefit of an SEO Audit

  • Know where you do not have: SEO audit assists to identify the vulnerable points of the website that develop hindrance in ranking high up on Online search engine. For eg., While performing audit you stumble upon content duplication concern or speed is low. Discovering such concerns helps in very first action i.e. executing a great SEO strategy.
  • Know what competitors are doing: Audit assists to discover the strategy or activities rivals are implementing, and which is helping them rank on Google.

Exactly What does SEO Audit Include?

SEO audit is the extensive analysis of the site. There are numerous elements taken into factor to consider while performing the audit. A few of them are pointed out here:

  • Technical SEO audit:
  • Website structure
  • Crawl mistakes
  • txt
  • Sitemaps (XML or HTML)
  • Canonical Problems
  • Redirection Issues
  • On-page SEO Audit
  • Title
  • Meta Description
  • Image Alt
  • Headers
  • Internal Linking
  • Content quality
  • Backlink profile
  • Off-page SEO Audit
  • Chance to develop new backlinks
  • Material Marketing
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Keyword Research

What one should get out of SEO Audit?

There are 3 points that a person must anticipate from SEO Audit. Which are as follows:

  • The existing website status: It includes a detailed analysis of where your website bases on Browse, social networks, the no. of external and internal links etc.
  • . A list of SEO audit checklist items with methods to fix these issues
  • A comprehensive report discussing the total SEO method that will help you map out the way forward.

So now when you have a complete understanding of what is an SEO audit and exactly what does it consist of. Here is the extensive list that you should think about while doing the SEO audit. The analysis of the site is gotten into 3 steps

  • On-page Ranking Factor
  • Ease of access
  • Off-page

1. On-page Seo Audit

The qualities of a website page affect the search engine ranking. For each page you audit, and you inspect for page level qualities and domain level attributes for an entire website.

The page level analysis becomes crucial to determine places that require optimization and the domain level analysis helps to calculate the efforts needed to make correction throughout the website.

a. URL Structure

The URL is an entry indicate the page. There are couple of things to bear in mind while evaluating the URL.

  • The URL must contain relevant keyword; it assists to define the material of the page correctly.
  • The URL of each page need to be unique and formatted correctly. The bad URL format will have unnecessary folders, Underscore (__), enigma (?) and so on

. For eg:

The URL that online search engine prefers have keywords in the URL with “- “separating the keywords and no undesirable folders exist


Here are some more examples for you to comprehend.

b. Content Duplication based upon URL

When you have analyzed the URL and fixed the concern the next steps are to look for content duplication based upon URLs. URLs are the distinct entry point to the website and they are primarily accountable for content duplication.

Material duplication happens when two unique URL points to the exact same page, and online search engine consider it as the very same page.

: and is pointed to the same page exact same leads to content duplication

c. Titles

The recognizing character for any page is its title. It’s the first thing noticed on Online search engine and social media. For that reason, examining titles becomes important for any site audit. There are couple of things to think about while assessing the page title

  • The title tag need to explain the material of the page. So, you not tricking the user in any way and will likewise assist you have higher CTR’s
  • Title Tag is among the essential ranking elements on the page so ensure that you use the targeted keyword right in the starting of the title. For eg. The target keyword for Onsavii is “Digital Marketing”. We have actually made certain that we have used it in our title.
  • Make certain that you have unique titles throughout the site. You can look for duplication of meats in your web designer account. When you click on HTML improvements under Browse look.

d. Meta Description

The best practice for meta description resembles that of Title Tags. Meta description not just is one of the ranking factors, however it also affects the click-through rate of the page in search engine results.

The perfect length for a meta description depends on 230 characters. The meta description need to relate to the page and ought to not be over enhanced with keywords.

For Eg. The meta description of Onsavii’s homepage talks about the business and the services it offers. With very important keywords used correctly in the offered character limitation

e. Canonical Tags

Canonical tag defines the source URL of a given page. Canonical tags are used to declare a single page as its own source or for duplicate pages to reference their source/originating page. The replicate content issue emerges due to several URL pointing to the exact same page is tacked with the aid of canonical tag.

Here’s a Canonical Tag example:

< By positioning canonical tag, you make sure that search engine understands which version is canonical and it counts all other links indicating the exact same page with different variations as connect to the canonical variation.

f. Images Optimization

It is usually stated an image amounts to 1000 words for users. But it is various in case of search engines. For online search engine images does not speak, suggesting online search engine don’t read images. Therefore, it becomes important to give meta information to the images for the online search engine to read it.

The 2 crucial meta information for images is Image Title and Image Alt

g. Header Tags

Header tags are the HTML markups utilized to differentiate heading and sub heading on a site page. The header tags are from h1– h6. Header tags are normally keyword abundant.

2. Ease of access

a. Robots.txt

Your site doesn’t exist if it’s not available by online search engine bots and users. Below are the few things that you must bear in mind to make sure your site is available.

It is recommended to by hand inspect the robots file to make sure it is not restricting any of the essential pages from getting crawled.

The Robots.txt file instructs online search engine spiders to crawl the pages that are needed and block the ones which are trivial. Production and submission of a robots.txt file can offer you headache with traffic and ranking. It has the power to toss your site from 1st page to page 10 of Google.

Benefit Tip

Always check web designer for obstructed resources that your website may have. Googlebot needs access to lots of resources on your page to render and index the page optimally. For example, JavaScript, CSS, and image files need to be readily available to Googlebot so that it can see pages like an average user.

If a website’s robots.txt file prohibits crawling these resources, it can affect how well Google renders and indexes the page, which can impact the page’s ranking in Google search.

We at Onsavii dealt with a comparable issue when our obstructed resource count all of a sudden increased to 36.

We saw a significant drop in ranking once the blocked resources were reported on 8th May 2018. We saw a drop of 4% in keyword ranking which affected us hugely.

On recognizing the problem, we made changes in the robots.txt making certain that Google Bot can access all the resources.

The no. of blocked resources gradually decreased assisting us to regain our ranking.

Constantly watch on your blocked resources to prevent issue like rendering and indexation problem. Causing drop in ranking.

b. Robots Meta Tags

The robotics meta tag notify spiders whether they can index particular page and follow its links. Make certain while auditing the site you look for pages that are obstructed due to meta robots. This block in meta tags can impact the ranking of the page.

c. HTTP Status Code:

It becomes difficult for users and online search engine to access the website if the URL returns to errors such as 4xx(http) and 5xx(server) mistakes.

Screaming frog is a tool that assists you to identify the http status of all the pages that exist on your website. The one showing 4xx and 5xx mistakes must be fixed right away. If a broken URL’s matching page is no longer available on your website, redirect the URL to a pertinent replacement.

Also, while examining the website utilizing shrieking frog, ensure all your redirects are 301 and not 302 due to the fact that most of the link juice is passed to their destination page by 301 redirects which is called as permanent redirection.

d. XML Sitemap

The XML sitemap is the roadmap for the online search engine crawlers to find all the pages on the website. There are few things that one must keep in mind while producing an XML sitemap.

  • There is a particular format for the sitemap that browse engine expects. If the sitemap of the site is not in that format crawlers might not crawl the website properly.
  • If these pages still exist on the website, they are currently orphaned. Discover an appropriate area for them in the site architecture, and ensure they get at least one internal backlink.
  • Sending sitemap to webmaster tools is another essential action. It alerts the spiders about the area of the sitemap.

3. Off-Page Factor

Off-page factors support the on-page activities through external sources. They assist to generate ranking from external sources. Producing backlink is among the most crucial aspect to rank your site. Here’s a quick idea on just how much each aspect represents.

a. Backlink Profile

It is highly essential to analyze the backlink profile of the website as the website’s authority is determined by the quality of links connected with the website. There are different tools readily available to get the backlink data like Ahref, backlinko, Majestic SEO, blekko and open website explorer.

Here’s a fast snapshot of the dashboard from Ahrefs, which is an ideal tool and help you evaluate a lot of things on your site like Backlinks New, Old and lost, Referring domains, Anchor Text profile, Organic Traffic and much more

b. Authority

A website authority is figured out by the numerous mix of aspects. To evaluate the authority of your site SEOMoz has actually offered us with two crucial metrics viz. Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Page authority is the forecast of how well the page will carry out on an online search engine. Whereas Domain authority predicts the performance for a whole domain. Both the metrics aggregate various features such as Moz rank, Moz trust, quality and quantity of links, dependability etc. to give a simple method to compare the relative strength of page and domain.

c. Social Engagement

With Web getting social, the success of the site depends on various social platforms on its ability to attract more social points out. Each Social media network has a various kind of social currency such as like, follow, retweets, +1 etc. The more social currency you have for your site the much better. You ought to likewise keep a check on the quality of the profiles that is sharing your website material on social platforms.


These are the entities that make a whole SEO audit, and the criteria set against each specification differ as per the auditor, the nature of the website, and industry. Now that you have comprehended what an SEO audit is, why not examine your site, and find the shortcomings that are keeping you from ranking higher in Google?

Onsavii assists you to understand the drawbacks of your website by performing a substantial SEO Audit for your website. We are leading Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney. Visit our site to obtain more info on Digital Marketing Sydney.