Virtual Employee

From $4.90 AUD / Hour

Highest Quality

Exceptional English Communication Skills. Experience with Australian Accounts

Low Hourly Rate

No markup on the hourly rate, starting from $4.90 / hour

Substantial ROI

Small initial investment grants you access to our network of quality virtual employees.

How it Works

Risk Free

-30 Day Replacement Guarantee

-No Long-Term Contracts (Month to Month)

– Invoiced / Managed from Australian (Perth) Company

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Pricing & Fees

– Hourly Rate: $4.90 AUD / Hour

– Full-time Monthly Hours: 176 Hours

– One-Time Recruitment Fee: $995.00 AUD

– Approximate Annual Savings Per Virtual Employee: $33,000 per year

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Contingency Fee

There are no upfront costs to begin the recruitment process. The one-time recruitment fee will be charged after the successful recruitment of the virtual employee that is ultimately selected by your company.

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Our Role

Our role as a virtual staffing agency is to recruit the highest quality of virtual employee talent for your company. After we have successfully recruited your virtual employees, they will work directly with you and your company.

Service Tasks

Onsavii specializes in back office administrative support. We provide our clients with virtual employees to assist them with general back-office administrative tasks that are tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming. Your virtual employee will be able to complete any administrative tasks that are performed online with the use of a computer. The only tasks that your virtual employee will not be able to complete, are tasks that require your employee’s physical presence.


Because of recent advancements in online technology such as remote access, screen sharing capabilities, video conferencing, VOIP voice communication services, and direct messaging capabilities, it has become easier than ever to communicate, connect, and collaborate with a workforce from technically anywhere around the world.


Just as you would train a regular onsite employee, the training for the administrative tasks to be completed by your virtual employee will be provided by your company through online communication platforms.


Long-Term Staffing Solution

Our business model is to provide long term solutions for both our clients and our virtual employees. Our network of virtual employees all seek long-term and stable career opportunities which will result in years of loyalty and commitment to your company.

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Thank you for the time and the opportunity for considering Onsavii for your virtual staffing needs. We look
forward to partnering with you and starting a long-term business relationship with your organization to assist you to become more efficient, productive, and profitable.