Here at Onsavii, we see significant inefficiencies in current distribution channels for both small and large companies. The cost of distributing products is exacerbated by the costs of pre- and post- sales support and the expensive and slow flow of information between suppliers and clients. In many cases, significant gaps in basic information or knowledge that could greatly benefit these businesses’ products and/or services exist which ultimately leads to missed opportunities.

The Internet has made fantastic strides in reducing costs and increasing information flow for consumers and many companies. This has driven major productivity gains and reduced the costs of many products and services. However, there is a very long way to go for most companies. There is a very long trail of businesses that are not doing basic digital business well, with limited feedback from end clients and basic information on their websites that quickly becomes out of date and redundant.

Those “in the space” with the vision and the knowledge are creating new companies that are experiencing amazing growth and are providing high value to totally new markets and reaching large global client databases with tens of thousands of clients in months or even days with only a hand full of employees.

However, most businesses manufacturing and distributing products are not reaping the potential rewards and the cost saving that a digitally integrated business can offer. Large businesses have been spending millions of dollars on internal integrated software applications to chase better information flow and reduce costs. Many of these huge applications are now reaching outside the organisation to include supply chain and distribution but the applications are large, expensive and generally internally focused. They exclude many companies that need to have a shorter return on investment and need to grow their investment over time.

We have the experience, the tools and the knowledge to service this market. We embrace the concept of integrating with other online solutions to achieve lower cost and higher returns.

  1. By integrating with Facebook we can reach and understand more about our markets and the individual clients that are interested in.
  2. By integrating with Google Apps we can deliver enterprise email, group calendars and messaging platforms that work with email newsletters and website subscribers.
  3. By integrating with Twitter we can measure trends and gain insight into market directions.
  4. Integration of the functions, transactions and information available on the Internet from the growing number of Web 2.0 & 3.0 application providers is core to the advantage of the Onsavii solution.

Our skills and platforms enable our clients to do more, quicker, with a lower investment and with clearly measurable results

A scientific approach that uses technology to communicate and reduce the same work being redone across the many layers in a distribution channel is required.
We can provide an integrated solution that shares content, knowledge and functionality so that the businesses and people who make a living from the products can improve their quality of service, better understand who their end clients are and ultimately generate greater income.