5 Essential Benefits of Integrated Business Solutions

The integration of business processes and systems reduces the amount time spent on accounting, HR, payroll, and payments thus, allowing the organization to become more productive and performance efficient. The reduction of manual administration results to creating more time for doing the core processes and valuable activities in the organization. Here are the 5 important benefits of

Three Online Marketing Trends to Win Big in 2016

With the first quarter of 2016 coming to an end, market competition has never been more tense. Firms are in constant need to get ahead. They are often banking on unmatched and sustainable competence. But, being ahead in today’s business environment will prove to be difficult. Several approaches are created and maximized. On top their list? The

Opportunities with incredible money making potential

We provide our clients with exclusive financial and psychological recommendations that help to improve their company status and increase profits. They are based on deep study of our clients’ companies and are designed to raise the interest of potential customers to your company’s products.


Developing a small company into a successful one may seem problematic. But we know how to achieve it.

What we do

Give new ideas

Our main goal is not just to be your adviser, but to give you fresh and valuable ideas to help your business grow and develop.

Investigate business in detail

It is impossible to give effective consultations without understanding how everything works. That's what we do in the first place.

Deep analysis

Every business needs to be deeply analyzed so that our business consultants can understand what the business lacks to become profitable.

Cooperate with people

Business consulting means working with people. It can turn out advantageous for business if a consultant is using a correct approach to client.

Hiring educated professionals

Our team consists only of true specialists whose education and skills were repeatedly tested, so we know how to find a proper specialist.

Communicate with the world’s businesses

To understand what modern business in a certain country needs, our team members constantly study the latest business trends.

Think about people

We believe modern businesses should fully rely on people who form them, so it is also very important to think about your workers' relaxation.

Light the way of top businesses

Each of our experts and specialists has a huge store of business knowledge, that's why we know how to create a competitive company from scratch.

Continue to develop

As any other modern company, a consulting business should always develop, therefore we pay a lot of attention to this.


Reveal the secrets of becoming a true leader of your own company. Maybe it’s easier than you thought?


Thomas Hegarty, currently based full time in Hong Kong is the founder and managing director of Onsavii. Thomas has been involved in building and running commerce websites since 1999 and has been developing and running companies across Australia, Hong Kong and The Philippines in the online space since 2003.

Thomas has been instrumental in building the Onsavii business, managing the transition from Australia to Asia with minimal external funding. Utilising his knowledge of online marketing and advertising coupled with his technical know-how, Thomas has been successful in building Onsavii into a sustainable international business integrator.

Building Onsavii from a single man operation to an over fifty person (including call centre operations) enterprise in peak periods, has enabled Thomas to understand all facets of the business from finance, operations, marketing and technology.

What role does support play in successful running of a business and how can a contemporary businessman benefit from it?

In the world of business there are strict rules that every businessman should know and follow. They are vital for all kinds of businesses both small and big. Though it may seem quite tricky to play the business game successfully, following these rules can make a useful supportive influence on your company and on your employees. In this article you will find out how exactly you can use these rules to create supportive atmosphere when starting your business.


Solutions play decisive role in running any kind of business. It is caused by the fact that a correct solution is in most cases an instrument that influences the future of your company and your employees. It is also widely known that a business is very important for its owner. So making important decisions can be hard for you at first. That’s why in this article we would like to give necessary recommendations to those who have just started their own company and don’t know where to move forward.



We will build a unique business development strategy based on the complex study of your company.

About us

Onsavii, Inc is a consulting company with experience of more than 10 years. We hire top consulting experts and specialists who were taught professionally and have secured their status as consulting pros.

Our company has also recently opened courses for those who would like to become a specialist in business consulting.

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Business growth

Discover how your business can improve and how you can benefit from our consultancy services. Find your way of business development with us!